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Leading vascular specialists in NC: A advanced wound therapies include the use of special products that will promote and expedite wound healing. These include the use of silver ion technology to decrease bacterial counts in a wound; absorbative materials to help with wound exudate; enzymatic materials to decrease devitalized tissue. Many new therapeutic modalities are becoming available each year. Our dedicated team at the Novant Health Wound Care under the direction of Dr. Bradley Thomason are able to provide the latest technology to assist us with complex wound problems.

Synthetic Grafts
Several bioengineered skin graft or skin-like material are now available to assist with wound healing. We have access to these both in our office and at the Novant Health Wound Care. These grafts may be used for the treatment of complex venous ulcers in combination with other wound therapies and vein treatments. These grafts can be applied with no anesthesia and can significantly improve wound healing times for patients with chronic 

Advanced Wound Care Therapies 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Q. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

 A. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is defined as a treatment mode in which the patient is entirely enclosed in a pressure chamber breathing oxygen at a pressure greater than one atmosphere. Breathing 100 percent oxygen at one atmosphere or applying oxygen outside a pressurized chamber are not considered hyperbaric oxygenation.

Q. What is a monoplace hyperbaric chamber?

A. A monoplace chamber is one in which only one patient is placed, and pressurized oxygen is introduced into the entire chamber. Access to the patient is made from the outside via ports and pass-throughs.

Q. How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy work?

A. Significant physiological mechanisms, which are activated as a result of hyperbaric oxygenation, explain the many therapeutic results of HBO:

1. Hyperoxygenation:

HBO physically dissolves extra oxygen into the blood plasma. The breathing of pure oxygen at three times normal pressure (3 A.T.A.) delivers 15 times as much physically dissolved oxygen to tissues as breathing room air. This promotes formation of new capillaries into wound areas, and sufficient oxygen tensions to meet the needs of ischemic tissues. Hyperoxygenation effects are useful in the treatment of anemias, ischemias and some poisonings.

2. Mechanical effect of increased pressure:

Any free gas trapped in the body will decrease in volume as the pressure on it increases. With a threefold increase in pressure, a bubble trapped in the body is reduced by two-thirds. This reduction in gas volume has been successfully applied to air embolism and decompression sickness.

3. Mass action of gases (gas wash out):

The flooding of the body with any one gas tends to “wash out” all others. This action occurs more rapidly under pressure than under ordinary conditions, and makes HBO an indicated treatment for carbon monoxide intoxication and acute cyanide poisoning.

4. Vasoconstriction:

High pressure oxygen causes constriction of the blood vessels (without creating hypoxia) which decreases edema in injured tissues and secondarily decreases intracranial pressure. This effect is useful in burns, crush injuries and interstitial bleeding. It may also be effective in acute brain and spinal cord injuries.

Our leading vascular specialists in NC provide advanced wound therapies that expedite healing, utilizing special products such as silver ion technology to reduce bacterial counts, absorbative materials for wound exudate, and enzymatic materials to minimize devitalized tissue. With access to bioengineered skin grafts and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, our dedicated team at Novant Health Wound Care, led by Dr. Bradley Thomason, delivers the latest technology for complex wound problems. Experience improved wound healing times and explore the possibilities of advanced wound care. Call (336) 245-4890 or schedule an appointment online to consult with our specialists today.

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