Winston-Salem Vein Clinic: Safe Vein Treatments for Older Adults

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Although vein disease can strike at any age, it does tend to strike older people more often. In fact, some 50% of people over age 50 have some sort of venous disorder. Many older people avoid seeking help at a Winston-Salem vein clinic for fear of the treatments and the side effects they may have. However, it’s actually more dangerous for older adults to delay vein treatment than to take the next step and get treatment for varicose veins.

What should older adults in Winston-Salem know about vein treatments?

Varicose veins are the result of a breakdown in the tiny valves inside our veins. Aging, genetics, and lifestyle factors can all play a role in this breakdown, and it means that our veins are less able to efficiently propel blood up the body from the feet, back to the heart. NC vein doctors say that when these valves inside our veins begin to break down, blood can move downwards in the veins, and gravity does its work to cause blood to pool in the legs and ankles. This pooling in turn causes swelling, aching and those familiar, twisting varicose veins. Modern vein treatments are designed to eliminate varicose veins quickly and safely, providing both an improved appearance and better circulation.

Older adults may avoid visiting a varicose vein treatment center in NC because they remember what vein treatments were like for their mother or their aunt. In those days, the only treatments available were surgical and were far more invasive than the modern vein treatments available today. Today’s treatments include sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, and heat or radiofrequency ablation, all of which are minimally invasive, which means they are carried out with just a needle stick or tiny incisions in the skin – so tiny that they leave virtually no scarring. What’s more, our highly trained NC vascular doctor can perform these procedures as an outpatient, right in our Winston-Salem vein clinic, with no need to go to a hospital or to experience lengthy recovery times. Things have come a long ways in vein disease treatment from the old days!

Which vein treatment is best for me as an older adult?

All of today’s treatments are safe for older adults. It’s also important to keep in mind that delaying treatment is actually more dangerous than getting treatment. This is because vein disease is progressive and won’t get better on its own. Left untreated, vein disease can have some unpleasant consequences, such as leg ulceration, which is a painful condition that is difficult to treat. Other patients may develop deep vein thrombosisor blood clots, which can be life threatening. If a blood clot breaks free of its place in the leg and travels to the heart, lungs or brain, it could become a deadly embolism.

In order for your NC vein doctor to determine the best treatment modality for you, an initial appointment for a venous health evaluation is the first step. We need to know more about your medical history, your lifestyle, and the location and extent of your varicose veins in order to suggest the most appropriate treatment for you. The good news is that all procedures are quick, safe, and comfortable – you’ll be up and on your way the very same day.

So don’t delay, give us a call at 336-245-4890 or go online and set up that first appointment.  We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and get you started on the road to prettier, healthier legs.

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