An NC Vein Doctor Explains How Aging Can Bring on Vein Problems

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Along with the rewards of living well and living long, many of us are rapidly discovering the many health problems aging can bring on. Modern medicine is helping us live longer and healthier lives, but often we also have to put up with more medical inconveniences and health risks than we did before. Vein disease is a good example.

Dr. Ashley Rickey, one of the best vein doctors in NC, explains that of the main risk factors for vein disease, age is in the top 3: aging, genetics, and lifestyle. Over 50% of people over age 50 suffer from some form of vein disorder, and people with a family history of vein disease are more likely to have it themselves. Among lifestyle factors, people who are overweight or obese or who must stand on their legs for long periods of time are also at risk.

What should Winston-Salem residents know about aging and vein disease?

As we get older, the tiny valves inside our veins become weaker or may become damaged. These valves are responsible for helping propel the blood in our veins in one direction: towards the heart, and not back down the body towards our feet. Clearly, when the valves aren’t working as well, the blood has more of a chance to move downwards (thanks to gravity), and pool in our lower extremities. As you may have already experienced, this pooling can cause swollen legs and ankles, varicose veins, an aching, heavy feeling in the legs, and if left untreated, more serious consequences such as leg ulcers or potentially deadly blood clots.

Of course, we can’t do much about our age or our genetics, so the question becomes what can we do to lower our risk and improve our quality of life, even if we do develop vein disease? The good news is that modern vein disease treatment by an NC vascular doctor is highly effective at getting rid of varicose veins, comfortably and quickly. Things have come a long way since our mothers or our aunts had vein treatment!

How does an NC vascular doctor treat vein disease?

There are a range of options, from conservative choices such as making lifestyle changes and using compression stockings, to minimally invasive procedures that quickly and comfortably remove varicose veins permanently. The best way to know which are the right treatment options for you is to make an appointment at our NC vein treatment center, where we’ll give you a thorough venous health evaluation. This evaluation will include a medical history, a visual examination, and an ultrasound scan of the veins deep beneath the skin.

Armed with this information, your NC vein doctor can suggest a number of strategies, from losing weight and getting fit, to wearing compression stockings, to one of our procedures, such as microphlebectomy, endovenous laser treatment, or sclerotherapy. All of these techniques are minimally invasive, which means they are carried out through tiny incisions in the skin that leave no scarring, or sometimes just a needle stick. Only local anesthetics are needed, and you’ll be up and on your way the same day as your procedure.

So don’t let the fact that aging may lead to vein disease stop you from getting the treatment you need to look and feel your best. These days, we can restore the health and beauty of your legs in no time at all. Just give us a call at 336-245-4890 or go online to set up an initial appointment, and we’ll show you how we do it.