NC Vascular Doctor Responds To “I’m Too Young To Have Varicose Veins”

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One of the common misconceptions about varicose veins is that they only affect older people. Yes, they mainly affect older people (while only 1 in 20 women under 24 have varicose veins, over half of women over 65 have them), but they can appear in patients as young as 11 years old. Although aging is a factor in the development of varicose veins, clearly it is not the only factor or even the most important factor.

What do people of all ages in Winston-Salem need to know about the causes of varicose veins?

First, there are a number of factors that can seriously increase your of developing varicose veins at any age. The most important is probably genetics; if your parents or grandparents had varicose veins, then you are far more likely to develop them yourself. Being overweight greatly increases your risk of developing varicose veins, especially if the weight gain was triggered by and accompanied by the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. Interestingly, tall men and women are more at risk of developing vein disease, as are those whose lifestyles or professions require them to sit or stand for long periods of time and those who are inactive, not getting enough regular exercise. Even smoking, crossing one’s legs, and wearing high heels can increase your risk of developing the swollen legs and ankles and bulging, discolored blood vessels we know as varicose veins.

So if you find yourself saying “I’m too young to have varicose veins,” whether you are 40, 50, or still in your 20s, there are a number of risk factors that may have contributed to them. Some – like heredity and genetics – you can’t do anything about; they’re your family’s genes and you’re pretty much stuck with them. Others – like smoking, lack of exercise, and obesity – can be treated with lifestyle and diet changes to lower your risk. If the veins have already begun to develop and they leave you feeling tired and saying “My legs hurt” far too often, you can find some relief and improve your circulation by wearing support hose.

Whatever my age, are there treatments to actually get rid of the varicose veins?

Yes, indeed there are. And the best vein disease treatment in Winston-Salem is a phone call away, at Novant Health Vein Specialists. If you have begun to notice the formation of varicose veins, we can analyze them in depth and prescribe the most effective treatments to remove them. If you haven’t noticed any varicose veins yet but feel that you fall into one or more of the high risk categories listed above, give us a call at 336-245-4890 or go online and schedule an appointment for a venous health screening.

These screenings, performed by the best vein doctors in Winston-Salem, take only about an hour, are completely painless, and use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment to assess your overall venous health. They are also important because in some cases vein diseases such as chronic venous insufficiency and deep vein thrombosis can be present and negatively affecting your health even if you have noticed no visible varicose veins. If varicose veins or other vein diseases are present, they can be treated in the comfort of our offices, with no need for hospitalization or recovery periods. So whatever your age, don’t be worried about your varicose veins or your risk of developing them. Give us a call at 336-245-4890 and let us use our expertise to help you. 

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