Endovascular Specialists Explain Walking Speed and Life Expectancy

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If you’re in your sixties, have you noticed that you just don’t walk as fast as you used to? If you have, the endovascular specialists at Novant Health Vein Specialists want you to know about the results of a recently published study.

The study measured the walking speed of nearly 35,000 adults over 65. What they found was that walking speed was a more accurate predictor of life expectancy than either age or sex. Study participants who walked 1 meter per second or faster consistently lived longer than others their own age and sex who walked more slowly.

Walking more slowly may be a sign of vascular disease

One of the most common reasons for walking slowly is peripheral vascular disease. PVD impairs your circulation, and starves your legs of the blood supply they need to stay healthy and function properly.

So if you have varicose veins and they are causing symptoms of leg pain, naturally you are going to walk more slowly. Similarly, if you have peripheral arterial disease (PAD)and don’t know it, one of its first symptoms is – again – slow walking speed.

So if you find that you are walking more slowly, what should you do?

Find out whether the “slowdown” in your gait is being caused by vascular disease. You can do this by getting a checkup from the best vascular specialists in Winston-Salem. The circulation experts at NHVS can conduct a painless, non-invasive examination that can tell whether you have PVD in about an hour. If you do, they can provide treatments that will reduce its risks and symptoms, and may even be able help you to walk as quickly and as confidently as you used to.

So giveDr. Ray Workman or one of the other vascular specialists at NHVS a call at 336-245-4890, or go online to schedule an appointment. A checkup just might help you live longer, and in better health.

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